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Route Descriptions | What to Expect


Exciting News - this year, all routes will be avaible on the app Ride With GPS! As soon as you register for the Ride, you will receive the information to get the app, and join our Team! This will give you the turn-by-turn navigation, no matter which route you are on!

Route Descriptions

Check out our 2017 Routes! 

70 Mile Route  - 6:00 am Check in- 7:00 am Start
50 Mile Route  - 7:30 am Check in- 8:30 am Start
25 Mile Route  - 9:00 am Check in- 10:00 am Start
10 Mile Route   -10:00am Check in- 11:00 am Start

All rides will start and finish at the premier racquet and fitness facility, The Longfellow Club, and ride through the scenic suburbs of Boston.

Start/Finish Location

The Longfellow Club
524 Boston Post Road
Wayland, MA

The 70-Mile Ride | 7:00 AM Start

Riders will journey through “The Crossroads of New England”.  These riders will be riding a combination of the 50 and 25 mile route and get a tour of the scenic Metro-West region.

Riders on the route are fully-supported by the Safety Team, SAG Team, and rest stops strategically located throughout the routes.

The 50-Mile Ride 8:30 AM Start

Riders will start their ride through the peaceful open spaces of Wayland and ride through the charming Village of Sudbury.  Riders will be thrilled to arrive in the “outdoor lovers’ paradise” of Hudson with its’ scenic New England charm.  As they continue to cycle, riders will be treated to the picturesque community of Bolton and then onto the beautiful sights of the small community of Stow which boasts several apple orchards.  After breezing through the forests of Acton, the riders will then embark upon the “natural world of beauty” in Concord and finish back at the Longfellow Club in Wayland.

Riders on the route are fully-supported by the Safety Team, SAG Team, and rest stops located every 4-10 miles.

The 25-Mile Ride 10:00 AM Start

Riders will start their ride through the semi-rural setting of Wayland and ride through the open spaces of forests, marshes and fields which surround the river.  They will then go through Sudbury’s charming village taking in the picturesque atmosphere of wildlife and conservation land.  Riders will have a quick spin through Concord’s natural world of beauty and then back through Sudbury and to the finish at the Longfellow Club.

Riders on the route are fully-supported by the Safety Team, SAG Team, and rest stops located every 4-10 miles.

The 10 Mile Family Ride | 11:00 AM Start

Riders will start their ride through the semi-rural setting of Wayland and ride the peaceful open spaces to Sudbury.  Here they will enjoy the beauty of this charming historic mill village and serene neighborhoods.  The ride will bring them back to the Longfellow Club

Riders on the route are fully-supported by the Safety Team and SAG Team.




What to Expect

Before the Ride | During the Ride | After the Ride

Before the Ride

Safety Training
The strength and endurance required to complete a ride will vary depending on your fitness level.  To train, start with a length of time that you are comfortable with, then work your way up gradually to just below the miles you have committed.  Consider cross-training in your training plan to decrease injury while building muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Experimenting with cycling gear, nutrition and hydration is an essential part of training.  Use trial and error to figure out how your body reacts to specific gear, fluids and snacks during exercise. Always, listen to your body. Drink when you are thirsty. Eat when you are hungry. Stop and rest when you are tired. Make sure you have adequate sleep. Eat small amounts of carbohydrates every hour during exercise to maintain your blood sugar and provide your muscles with a source of fuel.  Alternate between water and sports drink. This combination of beverages will help replace the nutrients your body is using and may prevent dehydration or mineral imbalances that are common during endurance activities. 

We have many online tools to help you get to your goal! E-mail us to learn more!

Chapter Communications
Make sure to check your email and our Facebook page to stay up to date on the latest news!

During the Ride

You’ll need to stop by the check-in area to pick it your registration packet the morning of the event. Your packet includes a goodie bag with cool stuff from sponsors, a Ride t-shirt, rider number bib. You must meet the $250 fundraising minimum before you can Ride. You must check back in with the registration volunteers to let us know you have returned to the Longfellow Club safely. 

Jersey Orders
If you've raised $500 by the morning of the event, you can order your jersey at the Jersey Order table. If you're not sure what size to order, please try on one of the samples. (If you have not raised the $500, you will have 4 weeks after the event to meet the minimum. We will contact you about your size.)

Day-of Registration
If you are registering on event day, you will be required to pay the registration fee, $75, and the $250 fundraising minimum.

Each rest stop will be stocked with goodies to keep you going! Lunch will be served, starting at 12 PM, until the last rider gets back to the Longfellow Club.

Route Markings & Maps
The routes will be marked in a color corresponding to the distance you are riding. It will be posted on this site and also reviewed before each wave of riders departs. Maps (aka cue sheets) will be available for download through the Participant Center and will also be at the maps table next to check-in and at the start line.

Safety Team
We will have a SAG vehicle prepared to pick you up along the route, should you have any bike maintenance or medical issues. We will have medical personnel and bike maintenance volunteers at the Longfellow Club in case you need immediate medical attention or need simple bike maintance. Please make sure you pick up the cue sheet at the registration table with the cell phone number to call in case of emergencies. 

Rest Stops
Rest stops are located every 4-10 miles. The route maps will show the distance to each rest stop. Each rest stop will have water, gatorade, and snacks to keep you hydrated and fueled to continue on your ride. 

Finish Line
Once you cross the finish line, there will be plenty of food, music, and activities for the family. 




After the Ride

Lost & Found
If you find something during the event, please give it to a volunteer or staff member. If you lost something during the Ride, please contact us. 

Riders who go the extra mile and do exemplary fundraising are eligible for some great prizes. 

The luncheon will take place after the Ride to Defeat ALS at The Longfellow Club. All riders, volunteers, family, friends, and team members are invited.



Fees and Fundraising


This year, there will be new registration fees:

February 1st - March 31st: $45
April 1st - May 31st: $55 
June 1st - June 30th: $65
July 1st - September 25th: $75
Children's fee (riders 16 and under): $45 


Every rider is required to raise a $250 minimum. (Children 16 and under are required to raise $100). For questions about how to raise the minimum, visit our fundraising page or contact Ashley.

If you raise $500, you will recieve our Official 2017 Ride to Defeat ALS cycling jersey!                 Here are 2017 Ride jersey's!

14409893_814215132052621_8603742312024213754_o.jpg                                               2017 Ride.jpg  2017 Ride - Copy.jpg