2020 Ride to Defeat ALS - MA

Island ride 2019
Island ride 2019

Sunnyside up for Paul

Hi!! I am going for a bike ride :).  Set your garmin, your AppleWatch or Strava and get on your bike!  I need you!  Right now, I am a team of ONE.  This bike ride on September 20th is to tell ALS that we are NOT sitting by while it takes so much away from our friends and loved ones.  And, with our donations, we can make a difference today in the lives of friends and neighbors in Massachusetts who are impacted by this devastating disease. It's expensive to manage through and so I am asking us all to help. 

At the moment, did I say this already?? -- yes, I am a team of ONE, getting organized a little late!  So, please join me and ride wherever you live (virtual events are so "in" in 2020) Let's put some miles on our bikes to say "We Challenge ALS".   Join my team! Donate! Or do both!

Right now, my super awesome friend, Paul, is working hard to handle ALS with his family & friends - it's alot and yet their home "rocks" -- cooking, chatting, dancing, singing, reading and lots lf "carpe diem" in their corner of the island on Nantucket!!   Paul has a lot of women around, I must say, BUT, the best girl of all is SUNNY, a beautiful, playful, silly and also hardworking labrador retriever service dog.  She and Paul are BFFs for sure!! (...well, Sunny also has a 4-legged BFF across the yard, crazy Gordon).  So, I've named our team "SUNNY SIDE UP FOR PAUL"  because Sunny brings sunshine wherever she goes!  And so does Paul. And so do the rest of the gang amidst all the ALS stuff.  On top of it, when Sunny has on her work jacket, she is ALL BUSINESS.  Hey Sunny, can you and Paul can do a few loops around the neighborhood on September 20th, too?!?

SO, in a small way, let's shine a little of our sunshine on Paul, raise awareness of this terrible disease and donate money for families who need so much support when one of their loved ones has ALS.

Test your strength, push your limits, and fight ALS!  Paul and crew are pushing their limits every day.  We can do it for one afternoon!  Consider joining my team "Sunny Side Up for Paul" or make a donation towards our goal today. Or even better - do both!

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